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3/2016 Entering into a lease agreement for the purposes of a healthcare centre

The Management Board of Centrum Medyczne ENEL-MED S.A. (the “Company”) announces that on 22 February 2016 Enel Invest sp. z o.o., a subsidiary of the Issuer, and “Ursynów” Housing Investment Cooperative entered into a lease agreement with regard to premises for the purpose of running a general healthcare centre.

The healthcare centre will be located in the ALTO WILANÓW building at al. Rzeczpospolitej in Warsaw.

The premises will be handed-over to Enel Invest sp. z o.o. by 31 October 2016 in a finished condition on the basis of the design documentation provided by Enel Invest sp. z o.o. and approved by the Lessor, drawn up in accordance with the technical and construction regulations, provided that the arrangements and the handover of the documentation will take place by 25 May 2016 and that Enel Invest sp. z o.o. will submit a final decision on the construction permit by 15 July 2016.

The lease term shall be ten (10) years from the date of release of the premises. The agreement shall be extended for a further ten (10) years period unless either party, no later than on the last day before the commencement of the twelve (12) months period before the end of the term of the agreement, represents to the other party in writing that it does not intend to continue the agreement.

The agreement is entered into for a definite time with no possibility of early termination or termination, subject to the cases specified in the agreement, i.e.:

1) if the issuance of the construction permit covering all finishing works, for which it is required to obtain a construction permit, is delayed by more than four (4) months, then each party will be entitled by 31 December 2017 to withdraw from the agreement.

2) the Lessor may terminate the agreement without notice if:

– the Lessee is in arrears with the payment of the rent and charges, and the amount of those arrears is greater than the total amount of the rent and charges due for two (2) months,

– the Lessee persistently uses the subject of lease in a way that is persistently inconsistent with the relevant provisions of the agreement or of its intended purpose and does not cease the violations despite the receipt of a written notice.

The total amount of the rent fees (specified in the agreement in EUR) and the service charges (specified in PLN) within the ten (10) years of the term of the agreement will be approx. PLN 11,261,363.49 net. Enel Invest sp. z o.o. will make due payments of the rent, fees, and any other amounts payable under the agreement in PLN by using the average exchange rate of PLN against EUR published by the President of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) and applicable on the day of issuing a given invoice. Rents will be increased in proportion to the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) published by EUROSTAT for the previous calendar year, applicable for the European Union. The increases will be made each year of the agreement’s term starting from 2018 from the first day of the month following the announcement of the abovementioned indicator.

The agreement has been considered to be significant because it exceeds 10% of the company’s equity capital.