About us


  • enel-med dentistry is the Polish leader in the field of dentistry,
  • we are distinguished by: 27 years of experience, highly qualified medical staff, attention to the highest standards, and investments in state-of-the-art equipment,
  • since 1993, we have been offering a full range of top-notch dental services to both individual patients as well as our customers who have prepaid medical care packages.

Our offer:

  • extensive dental offer: conservative dentistry for adults and children; specialised dentistry (implantology, prosthodontics, orthodontics, dental surgery, periodontics, aesthetic dentistry, treatment of masticatory organ dysfunctions), oral hygiene,,
  • discounts on dental treatment for every patient with prepaid medical care package,
  • dental procedure under local and general anaesthesia,
  • certified top-quality materials,
  • approved equipment,
  • prosthetic and orthodontic work based on state-of-the-art technologies.

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Our team of professionals:

  • permanent team of highly qualified dentists and hygienists: over 190 dentists and over 140 assistants and hygienists,
  • cooperation between specialists from different fields of dentistry in order to achieve the best results of patient treatment,
  • professional and individual approach to every patient’s problems,
  • concern for comfort during visits.

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Modern medical centres::

  • advanced diagnostics,
  • the latest, proven and certified materials and technologies,
  • 78 modern practices and X-ray labs offering specialist equipment, available in 7 biggest Polish cities,
  • medical centres available in excellent locations (city centres or shopping malls with access to car parks).

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Awards granted to enel-med dentistry:

  • 2019 Quality of Service Star – independent survey of consumers and the Polish Quality of Service project,
  • enel-med dentistry: the 2019 Family Brand of the Year in the Quality and Trust category.

enel-med otrzymał nagrodę rodzinna marka rokuenel-med otrzymał gwiazdę jakości 2019