Dental news

How provision of dental services is currently organised

Currently, enel-med dental centres across Poland provide the full scope of inpatient medical services.

Therefore, we are able to see all the patients whose treatment processes had started, but were postponed due to the period of restrictions, as well as new patients who need dental treatment.

At enel-med dentistry centres, we provide the following dental services:

  • conservative dentistry for adults and children,
  • implantology,
  • prosthodontics,
  • orthodontics,
  • endodontics,
  • periodontology,
  • aesthetic dentistry,
  • dental surgery,
  • maxillofacial surgery,
  • oral hygiene (this service will be available without referral as of 10 July),
  • dental diagnostics,
  • dental X-ray.

Safety rules applicable at enel-med dentistry centres.

Dentistry is the field of medicine where we have always attached great importance to epidemiological safety. Our procedures have been developed based on the highest epidemiological standards. For 27 years, we have been providing each patient with a sterile set of instruments, and we have always been using disposable equipment (where possible).
We have implemented procedures for instrument sanitation and room decontamination. Dental staff have been following these guidelines for many years.
They have been using personal protective equipment since graduation, and have always respected and reliably supervised these requirements at our centres. During the pandemic, we have additionally modified our internal procedures, adapting them to an even stricter epidemiological regime and to recommendations of the Polish Dental Association.
We have equipped our staff with additional protective equipment and extended the duration of visits, so that we have enough time after each patient to fully disinfect the rooms. We also carry out epidemiological checks of both patients and medical professionals. These steps are taken in order to eliminate the risk of infection in both of these groups.
We keep up to date with governmental guidelines as well as guidelines provided by dental societies and national medical consultants, so that we can safely continue to provide our dental services.
For patients’ convenience, we have also restored the availability of making appointments for our services via the app and online.

aktualności stomatologiczne

We look forward to seeing you at our departments:

  • Arkadia – Warszawa,
  • Atrium – Warszawa,
  • Blue City – Warszawa,
  • Galeria Młociny – Warszawa,
  • Galeria Północna – Warszawa,
  • Homepark Targówek – Warszawa,
  • Postępu – Warszawa,
  • Promenada – Warszawa,
  • Puławska – Warszawa,
  • Ursus – Warszawa,
  • Wilanów – Warszawa,
  • Zacisze – Warszawa,
  • Grunwaldzka – Gdańsk,
  • Chorzowska – Katowice,
  • Galeria Krakowska – Kraków,
  • Wadowicka – Kraków,
  • Manufaktura – Łódź,
  • Kupiec Poznański – Poznań,
  • Galeria Malta – Poznań,
  • Szczytnicka – Wrocław,
  • West Gate – Wrocław.

Wishing you good health, we remain – as always – at your service.
enel-med dentistry team