Dental makeover – Mariola

Presentation of the dental makeover – Mariola

The third reader who has undergone the dental makeover at our Medical Centre is Mariola. She is 61 and an avid lover of plants and flowers. After retiring, she has devoted 100% to her passion.

The application for Mariola’s makeover was sent by her daughter who wanted her mother to feel that the best was yet to come. As Mariola herself put it: “Until now, I could only dream about even and snow-white teeth. I used to go to the dentist, but only to get the fillings. Thanks to the makeover, I now have top-notch teeth.”

Aneta Warzecha, DDS,, was responsible for the result of Aneta’s dental makeover carried out at the Enel-Med Medical Centre. During the first visit, based on a single image radiograph (an orthopantomogram) and after an intraoral examination, the doctor developed a treatment plan.

The procedures began with the removal of imperfect and unsightly prosthetic crowns and old composite fillings.  Already at this stage, due to extensive damage cause by caries, a decision was made to remove two teeth.

Metamorfoza stomatologiczna - Pani Mariola

The next step was the endodontic treatment using the microscope. It was discovered that the root of one of Aneta’s teeth did not meet the requirements to be the right base for a prosthetic reconstruction at a later stage of the treatment. Therefore, the treatment plan was modified. For the healing period, after tooth extraction, the patient was provided with temporary composite crowns and bridges that were eventually replaced with porcelain crowns and bridges.

Metamorfoza stomatologiczna

Composite veneers were placed on the lower teeth to make them longer and to change their shape. As part of the treatment plan, the patient’s occlusion was raised and the occlusal plane was aligned, i.e. the teeth were made longer and more even.

The result of Mariola’s makeover is a beautiful and healthy smile that significantly improves the patient’s comfort.

The makeover was carried out by Aneta Warzecha, DDS.

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