Orthodontic problems

Detachment of brackets in fixed braces

A detached bracket in fixed braces might extend the period of treatment or cause unwanted side effects. If you have this problem, call our helpline at 22 23 07 007 and make an on-site appointment.

Problems with temporary/removable braces

If you have this problem, immediately call our helpline at 22 23 07 007 and make an appointment at the centre. In this case, discontinuation of the treatment may result in relapse and return to the initial condition. Do not repair the braces yourself – you might damage it permanently.

Gum swelling caused by braces

If your gums are irritated by the braces, arrange a check-up visits with your doctor. You can temporarily protect the painful area with a protective (dental) wax in order to relieve the discomfort for a while.

You are an orthodontic patient and experience sudden pain

Orthodontic treatment requires regular check-ups. If you are experiencing distressing pain caused by your fixed braces, immediately make an on-site appointment with a specialist.

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