RTG pantomogram (panorama)


Orthopantomogram (also known as panoramic X-ray) is a modern diagnostic imaging scan performed in dental diagnostics. Visit enel-med departments to have the orthopantomogram performed by experienced specialists and using modern equipment!

Orthopantomogram is a specialist X-ray scan used in dental diagnostics. It is performed using a pantomograph equipped with a movable part that emits X-rays, and a recorder so very precise that a cross-sectional radiograph is obtained.

Orthopantomogram – indications

Orthopantomogram is a radiograph that enables to see the anatomical structures of the splanchnocranium: teeth, bone structures and other structures. It is performed in order to plan, among other things:

  • conservative treatment,
  • prosthetic treatment,
  • implant treatment,
  • orthodontic treatment.

Orthopantomogram enables an overall assessment of the teeth condition and detection of any unerupted teeth. It is also performed in order to prepare the patient for dental surgery. Sometimes, orthopantomogram can also detect roots remaining after improperly performed extractions, cysts, or even cancerous lesions.

Orthopantomogram – contraindications

Orthopantomogram uses X-rays that are not completely neutral to the human body, but the doses used during the scan are so small that radiation does not pose a health risk. Certainly, however, you should be sensible about the frequency of orthopantomogram scans. In pregnant women, it is performed only if the benefits outweigh the potential risk to the baby.

Orthopantomogram – how to prepare?

Orthopantomogram does not require any special preparation. You do not need to attend on an empty stomach, and you can take all your medications as usual. It is completely painless and takes several seconds. Certainly, remember about your oral hygiene before the scan. You should also remove your glasses and any jewellery located near your face.

Orthopantomogram – course

Orthopantomogram is performed in a special lab in which the radiation is blocked. You put on a special protective apron, so that your body is protected from unnecessary radiation. Then, you position yourself next to the column of the device: you place your head underneath it, holding a handle covered with a disposable inset with your teeth; this allows for the precise positioning of the head. The entire process takes several seconds.

Orthopantomogram – where to have it performed?

Visit enel-med departments to have the orthopantomogram performed by experienced specialists and using modern equipment!


  • How can I make an appointment for orthopantomogram?

You can make an appointment for orthopantomogram directly at the selected centre or by phone.

  • Is it painful?

No, orthopantomogram is completely painless and does not require anaesthesia.

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